Tourism and hospitality is a vital sector for the UAE and SMKB is aware of the importance of this sector. To accommodate and exceed expectations of visitors, SMKB provides a range of distinguished services to 5-star hotels that enable impeccable performance in this extremely competitive sector.


From maintenance to security and support personnel, SMKB helps fuel economic growth through flawless processes and bespoke services enabling organisations to accomplish their aims. Our qualified and trained employees are geared to anticipate issues and overcome obstacles in a responsible manner whilst working for retail establishments, corporate offices, malls, warehouses and commercial towers


SMKB works closely with property developers and owners to service a wide variety of residential properties like villas, towers and communities. To ensure ideal provision of services, we customize them based on unique property needs that include maintenance and upkeep, security services, gardening and lawn maintenance, concierges and receptionists


The aviation sector is a crucial one and, as it often serves as a first impression of a country to visitors, requiring a high degree of attention and coing closely with ground services and relevant departments for effective functioning.


SMKB works closely with the health care sector, from hospitals to dental clinics, to achieve their clinical objectives. We create customized service solutions and support services that are flexible and easy to integrate for the purposes of seamless operation and elimination of downtime for the comfort of all patients


SMKB offers a range of services and manpower to this industry – from security to cleaning, we are dedicated to providing optimum services for events ranging from sports and entertainment to commercial events. Our services include offering security solutions, providing security equipment and communication devices,